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The 3 main benefits of clean windows

All the advantages of keeping windows clean

The benefit of clean windows goes beyond the aesthetic appeal of a neat and tidy home, business, or office. There are health benefits, economic benefits, and safety benefits to using a professional cleaning service to clean your windows regularly.

Defence window cleaning  offer professional window cleaning services for homes and businesses. If you want to brighten up an interior, get started with a quote from our team.

1. The health benefits of clean windows

Clean windows provide maximum exposure to natural light. This exposure is particularly important in the office environment. An article in the Occupational Health and Safety Magazine lists several benefits of exposure to natural light, some of which are listed below:

  1. Mood enhancement. People who spend very little time in natural light tend to have a drop off in their general frame of mind compared to those exposed to sunlight. This can be seen in the change in seasons from longer days to longer nights — and also in the amount of natural light coming from windows into the office.
  2. Better sleep. Research shows that office workers without exposure to natural light have on average 46 minutes less sleep per night than those who do. Adequate sleep is vital for productivity.
  3. Vitamin D. This vital vitamin for human health comes from exposure to sunlight and is therefore directly related to the amount of natural light a person enjoys each working day.
  4. Eye-health. Natural light limits the strain on an employee’s eyes. This principle is confirmed by research which shows a 51% reduction in eye strain and a 63% drop in headaches for people exposed to natural light.

Of course, natural light is not only beneficial in the office environment. A home is brighter and seems to have a lighter atmosphere when the windows are clean too.

In the home environment, there could also be a build-up of organic contaminants on windows. Organic material allows mould to grow, which can impact the health of residents negatively. Reactions to mould include itchy eyes, stuffy nose and wheezing. In severe cases, residents may also suffer from asthma.

2. The economic benefits of clean windows

Cleaning windows regularly can save you money. This is because the build-up of dirt and grime is not only unsightly; it is also damaging:

  • Dirt clings to the pores on a window surface. The longer it stays and the harder it gets, the more likely it is to cause scratches or even cracks during cleaning.
  • Chemicals like those used in construction, welding or painting can damage glass. Damage from chemicals causes streaking on the glass surface. Pitting on the glass surface may also occur from weld spatter.
  • Acid rain can also cause long term damage to glass without regular washing.

Experience shows that the longer the interval between window cleaning, the more difficult the windows are to clean. The cleaning takes longer than it should and may require more potent chemicals and more resources to get the job done. If there is construction or maintenance activity in the area, the chances are that your windows will need more regular cleaning while those activities are ongoing.

Cleaning windows regularly has benefits beyond cost savings. In the case of retail shops and restaurants, the neat and clean shopfront attracts customers to the business.

Window displays are a powerful method for attracting customers into a store, but dirty windows detract from their impact and can reduce foot traffic through the door. Clean windows create a great first impression and allow customers to enjoy their consumer experience with a pleasant ambience.

Each application is unique in terms of the optimum frequency for window cleaning. But a general rule of thumb is that residential units and apartments should be cleaned quarterly or biannually. Retail and restaurants should be cleaned monthly or even weekly if required.

3. The safety benefits of professional window cleaning

Commercial and apartment buildings often have several floors with windows to be cleaned at height. Only a professional cleaning company with the right equipment, training, and certification should be trusted to complete these tasks.

Bax Clean is qualified to use industrial rope access techniques and elevated work platforms to reach these high windows. They have all the protocols in place and are compliant with the regulatory requirements of working safely at height.

The Difference Cleaning Can Make
Why You Need To Clean Solar Panels

To be sustainable, it must be maintainable.
Just like any investment you wish to last the test of time and perform at its best, solar panels need regular cleaning and checks.
With the demand for energy and renewables, plus the rising cost of power, it is not just the capital investment of the system you are protecting it is also your bottom line.
All solar manufacturers recommend regular cleaning to prevent loss of production and increased rates of degradation, so don’t just take our word for it. look at the data provided from extensive testing.
Sunlight reflection diminishes with dirt and reduces the absorption of solar energy on photovoltaic cells by up to 30%
As a result, you can expect to see a significant boost to your ROI from regular cleaning.

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Mi Pasta

The team at Defence Window Cleaning did an amazing job of our storefront windows & shop sign today.
Exceptional service, professional & very friendly. 100% recommend their services

Mi Pasta

Helem Yumba CQ Healing Centre

We were incredibly impressed with the results from your clean and were very happy with your work.

Helem Yumba CQ Healing Centre

Gloria Carige

Thank you for cleaning my windows. Very happy with your work.

Gloria Carige

Charmain Elder

Absolutely fabulous job Defence Window Cleaning recently done on my uncle’s house to get it ready for sale. thank you

Charmain Elder

Galactic Donuts Rockhampton

Thanks so much Glenn! It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you today – prompt, friendly and high quality work!

Galactic Donuts Rockhampton

Stokes Mining Services

Thank you for the great service.

Stokes Mining Services

Ashley Duncan

Had Glenn come out to clean my solar panels I thought they where working good but after a clean we seen well over a 40% increase in power Glenn also went above and beyond and inspected all of the underside of the panels aswell.
Cheers again mate
Ashley Duncan

Barbara Butler

We had Glenn out to do the cleaning on our solar panels today. He has done an excellent job. He was very thorough he checked them all out.
I only called him yesterday and he came around today and did the job. very happy and definitely recommend him – thank you Glenn for a job well done!
Barbara Butler

Anne Vlaeminck

Highly recommend this company did such a good job – I will be using them again

Anne Vlaeminck

Meg Pratt

Glenn and Shane are amazing at what they do! They were tasked with a mammoth job and i was highly impressed with the results! Glen is efficient, professional and a lovely guy to do business with, highly recommend!

Meg Pratt

Bryan Perry

Excellent Service! Very professional and went above and beyond! Would recommend to anyone, definitely worth it.

Bryan Perry

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